Couch Cleaning

A professional upholstery cleaning service is a must when it comes to taking good care of your couch furniture. The cleaning process that we do to clean your couch is one of the fantastic services we offer to our valued clients.
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The Clean Life Couch Cleaning Service

The Clean Life is a proudly owned Australian company that provides good and high-quality couch cleaning with years of experience.

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Couch cleaning

Living room furniture is one of the biggest purchases for your home.

For the cost of a decent couch or loveseat, consumers generally expect to be able to use a piece for years—sometimes even decades. But as much as we put to good use these comfortable sitting areas in our homes, cleaning the upholstery is often put off or forgotten—especially when it is difficult to do it yourself.

Don’t let stubborn stains and messy spills cramp your couch. Fortunately, The Clean Life offers couch cleaning services to remove the pet dander, dirt, and stains that can accumulate on a well-loved sofa.

Why Choose The Clean Life

With years of experience in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business, The Clean Life boasts clients in the area to keep your textiles looking and feeling fresh.

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For furniture and upholstery cleaning, the company offers services for leather cleaning solutions, polyester, linen, cotton, wool, and microfiber couches.

Why Regular Upholstery Cleaning Is So Important!

Getting out spots and stains is needed to keep your furniture looking its best, but there are many other reasons why you might consider regular upholstery cleaning services from professionals. One reason is that homeowners often go “nose blind” to smells trapped in their home’s furniture, not realizing that couches and other materials tend to smell musty and otherwise unpleasant over time.

Trapped cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and cooking odors also create a very unwelcoming atmosphere in the home.
It’s also vital to realize that ignoring dirt and dust on your home’s fabric furniture allows those residues to get ground in every day, crushing fabric fibers and creating a flattened look. The longer you put off needed furniture cleaning, the dirtier the fabric and the harder it is to remove those dust and debris!

Professional upholstery cleaning restores the overall color and nap of the fabric. You might assume that your furniture is faded and worn beyond repair and start shopping around for new items, only to find that couches and chairs needed nothing more than a good cleaning by a professional service. Upholstery cleaning by the pros is more affordable than buying new furniture, and can extend the overall life of your furniture by many years.

Gives Peace Of Mind

A thorough cleaning of the rented property can give you peace of mind that you won’t face any difficulty and get the full bond back. Most tenants fail to return the premises in a pristine condition and end up with a rental dispute.

On the contrary, professional cleaning ensures the spick-and-span state of all rooms, including walls, kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, and shower-heads. They will also cover hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces between the door slides and windows so that you can focus on the other tasks related to your move.

Call The Professionals

Of course, there’s no better upholstery clean than the one that you’d get when calling the professionals. If you don’t have the time and the skill to clean all the dirt on your upholstery, it’s best to have The Clean Life do the work for you instead. They employ various methods such as steam cleaning to ensure that your couch is free from red wine and body oil spills and the drying process is superb that professional cleaners clean your couch inside and out. While the service isn’t free, it’s definitely worth it.

They offer affordable rates and free quotes at no additional cost. Providing friendly service that ensures an amazing job. There are various services you can avail of from an upholstery cleaning service. For deep cleaning, they’ll not only get rid of the fine dust, but they’ll also get rid of the nasty odor on your couch. Deep cleaning also means going deep with the pockets to ensure that there is no dirt that’s hiding in plain sight.

They also offer an upholstery steam cleaning service. In this method, they use steam to deep clean your couch inside and out. It’s a complicated process that makes use of equipment you don’t normally find at home.

Upholstery cleaning services usually last for an entire day which is not bad compared to the time you’ll spend when doing your own upholstery cleaning. There are many reasons why you should consider calling the pros for help and their speed at doing the job is only the surface of it.

Another benefit to them is that they are very efficient when it comes to cleaning. What would take you an entire day to do will only last a few hours for them. If you don’t have the time to clean, then their service is something that you’d want to avail yourself.

Last but not the least, all our cleaners have access to tools that you don’t normally have at home. These tools provide a deeper clean than anything else.

An upholstery cleaning service does wonders for your furniture. It’s best availed when you have multiple couches, dining chairs with a soft cloth, leather couches, or any fabric chairs in your home so that you get more of what you paid for. If you want to ensure that your family is safe from bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, it’s best to ensure that your couch is deeply cleaned at all times.

Setting up an appointment with The Clean Life is easy, with around-the-clock scheduling online through their page or website, you can easily get in touch with us. Each cleaning appointment begins with answering your enquiries, checking for age, color, and fabric type to ensure that the best approach is taken, and providing an estimate for cleaning.

The Clean Life uses a spot treatment for any problem areas or stains before moving on to deep cleaning. The Clean Life doesn’t use steam cleaning on the upholstery—the company’s method is considered “hot water extraction,” during which the company uses hot water and a special solution to loosen dirt, allergens, and odors from within the couch before drawing them out with the water. Once the process is finished, The Clean Life will again inspect the couch to confirm you’re happy with the results, and the furniture should be dry within six hours.

Happy Customers

With over hundreds of 5 stars reviews online currently, you can rest assured our team will deliver trustworthy service.


We use professional grade probiotics, essential oils, and commercial grade cleaning equipment, providing a safe, effective, and amazing clean.


For your peace of mind, The Clean Life team obtain a police check, working with children check, and fully insured.

Hear from our customers

We aim to deliver an exceptionally high-quality cleaning service that exceeds our clients’ expectations, and here's what they have to say!
''These guys went above and beyond what regular cleaners have done in the past & delivering deep cleaning. Our family's health is worth every cent spent.''
Leanne Muncan Residential Cleaning
''We had the Clean Life ladies do a vacate clean yesterday and they were absolutely fantastic! Great communication and the place was left spotless.''
Jo Cross End of Lease Cleaning
''I love knowing that there are no harmful chemicals being used in my house especially with having my little girl running around. I honestly can't recommend The Clean Life enough.''
Kylie Beswick Residential Cleaning
''This home hasn’t been this clean in a long time. I’m rapt with my first clean! Things had been getting on top of me & I had been struggling to keep up with the home side of life, thank you ladies''
Mel Gillham Residential Cleaning
''Great service! Their eco friendly cleaning products were great for two residents with asthma. Always punctual and professional with communication. I would highly recommend.''
Nicholas John Residential Cleaning
''They managed to turn a house lived with 3 adult males (all of us who hate cleaning) into a pad I'm not ashamed to have people to visit. I can't recommend her high enough.''
Heath Brice Residential Cleaning