COVID-Safe Kit

When the World Health Organization officially declared a global pandemic, the public’s expectations of cleanliness drastically changed. It is safe to say that majority, if not all, had stopped cleaning just for appearance. This change also challenged the cleaning industry and called for them to implement new and better cleaning protocols.

This was also true for Beckii and The Clean Life. The onset of the pandemic challenged Beckii to think up different ways to ensure the safety of The Clean Life’s clients while improving the standard of cleanliness that they provide to clients’ homes. 

One of the ways that Beckii has come up with is the implementation of the COVID-Safe Kit. The COVID-Safe Kit is a cleaning kit containing reusable items that the cleaners use to clean their client’s homes. It contains:

  • 2 grouters;
  • 1 scrubbing brush;
  • 1 squeegee;
  • 9 microfibre cloths; and
  • 1 commercial grade mop head




The COVID-Safe Kit is a unique initiative by Beckii and is the first of its kind in domestic cleaning. The purpose of the kit is mainly to reduce cross-contamination between homes from reusable cleaning equipment.

All of the items in the kit are tools that are used to clean the dirtiest parts of a home and have the highest chances of carrying with them germs and bacteria. By keeping these items in the clients’ respective homes, it fully prevents cross-contamination and lessens the risk of cleaners bringing in foreign germs and bacteria from one home to another.

The COVID-Safe kits are available for purchase in The Clean Life’s online store for non-clients and are available to clients on their first clean!

The clients are given the choice of either purchasing each of the items in the kit by themselves or availing of the COVID-Safe Kit on their first cleaning appointment.

The kit stays in their home at all times. 

You may buy the COVID-Safe kit here:

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