COVID-19 and the role of the cleaning industry in homes

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes in society – especially in the way people see cleanliness – and many have shifted from the “if it smells clean, it is clean” mentality. People now have higher standards when it comes to cleaning their homes. In essence, the pandemic allowed people to learn what it really meant to have a clean home.

With the increased understanding of what a clean home really feels and looks like, many have realized the prerequisites to achieving a high-standard clean. Parents saw the amount of work and effort they had to put into cleaning if they truly wanted to keep their families safe from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

All of these factors put together gave the cleaning industry more visibility than it ever did before the pandemic. The demand for and the importance of cleaning services skyrocketed and gave cleaning businesses more opportunities to help different families. Not only were cleaning businesses put into the limelight, but the pandemic also gave cleaning services a crucial role in the battle against COVID-19.

The first line of defense against COVID-19 and other diseases

Various studies have shown that COVID-19 has a high transmissibility rate and that it can stay on surfaces for long hours. This means that any space or surface that people touch, stay in, or pass through is a potential carrier of the COVID-19 virus – including homes.

This makes professional cleaners the best first line of defense against COVID-19. A good cleaning service has cleaners who are well-trained and well-equipped in giving homes a deep and intensive clean to ensure that every nook and cranny is accounted for.

A source of peace of mind

Having professional cleaners go through every corner of the home provides assurance that the home really is clean. Seeing and knowing that the home is kept up to a high cleaning standard can make families feel safer at home and parents at peace about the health of their children.

Moreover, this lifts the heavy burden and pressure of having to constantly think about cleaning chores and it lessens the anxiety from not being able to do it regularly.

A Sustainable and Reliable way to keep homes healthy

Most professional cleaning services have regular cleaning appointments with their clients. In addition to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, a regular cleaning appointment can also help prevent the spread of other illnesses and lower the risk for family members who suffer from allergies and asthma by reducing the amount of dust and other health hazards at home.

Working parents especially benefit the most from hiring a cleaning service as this helps them focus on their work while they leave their homes in the hands of professional cleaners.

The cleaning industry has always been important but with only a few recognizing their true value, they didn’t really have the opportunity to show people how they can help. The pandemic has served as an eye-opener to many about why the cleaning industry actually matters. With the majority of people having a new perspective and a higher standard of cleanliness, the cleaning industry has solidified its role and position in society even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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