Happiness Guarantee

All customers want reliability! Especially with cleaning companies, customers want to get the quality that they are paying for – any less than that is a sign to look elsewhere!

Of course, cleaning companies always do their best to train their staff to provide the quality that they promise, and most of the time they are able to deliver, but good companies know that there will be moments when expectations are not met, specifically in the cleaning service.

This is the reason why “Guarantees” exist!

By definition, a “Guarantee” is a promise or assurance made to the clients that customers will get the quality they are paying for but in case they don’t, they can rest assured that they will be provided with a satisfactory solution. Guarantees are a way to let the client know that the company is committed to providing them with the best of their service.

The Clean Life cares about how their service affects their clients, so they offer clients a “Happiness Guarantee”, where they return to a client’s home to fix items that are not done to a good standard or are missed entirely – ALL FOR FREE!

Terms and Conditions for the “Happiness Guarantee”

Clients who fill out our Constructive Feedback form, which we attach to the “How was the clean?” emails, within 48 hours after their scheduled clean and submits photos of the items/areas of concern are able to get a FREE FIX CLEAN. Once the feedback has been reviewed and investigated (usually after a day of receiving it), a team is sent out to do the fix clean.

NOTE: This is not available to CAPPED CLEANS.

The Clean Life is more than happy to listen to any feedback so we can move forward in a way that is satisfactory and provides a positive outcome for both parties!

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