How Much Should a Vacate Clean Cost?

Vacate cleaning prices can often be confusing, and we’ve compiled our Vacate clean pricing guide to show you how it works. With this and our comparison tool, you can locate a cleaner in Perth and ask them your questions, knowing they offer the best value at their price point.

The price of vacate cleaning can vary depending on where you work, what activities the cleaner needs to take care of, and if they need to add more than one service to the job.

What are the advantages of employing a vacate cleaner?

Moving is tough. Cleaning your old place before you hand it over to a tenant or landlord can be even tougher. Why not use a cleaning service in Frankston that uses a detailed tenancy lease cleaning checklist?

Here are some factors you must consider when hiring a move-out cleaner:

  • Don’t get overwhelmed with moving and organizing your new house – leave the bond cleaning to a professional cleaner. They can clean it faster, and more efficiently and will always get it done right.
  • Some cleaners will even provide their own equipment. This saves you the hassle of trying to buy expensive equipment and also eliminates the need for messy cleanup afterward.
  • Partner with a reliable bond cleaning company and they’ll know which items to clean and how to handle the job with precision. That’s an important detail for any given bond refund you may be looking for.
  • You can avoid the hassle and stress of sorting out two places with this move.
  • If you are underway with your move, this should give you one less thing to worry about. Giving things a clean at the end of a rental contract can be a smart idea to ensure the best possible transition.

What is the total cost of vacate cleaning in Australia?

On average, a standard vacate clean of a regular 3-bedroom property is about $220-$390, although this depends on the quality of the living space and the type of steam clean required.

The price of the house will be greatly reduced if it does not need a thorough cleaning. If the quality of the house or apartment is bad, or if there are more complicated places and things to clean, such as the oven or stains on the wall, then a cleaning service would cost about $410.

What are the normal vacate cleaning inclusions?

When you hire a highly recommended bond cleaner, you can expect each service to take about 4-6 hours. In total, these services will include…

  • Professionally clean the inside of all your windows including sills and racks.
  • inside and top of all cupboards wiped
  • Clean up any window blinds, curtains, and other window furnishings.
  • All light fittings cleaned
  • Object surfaces are wiped down with a microfiber cloth, and any fingerprints or markings are removed beforehand.
  • Your toilets, laundry, and kitchen have been swept, mopped, and cleaned.
  • Skirting boards are free of stains and particles

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