One Company: Advantages of the Different Cleaners in Every Clean

By leveraging the diverse expertise of our managers, team leaders, and cleaners, we ensure an exceptional cleaning experience. Additionally, we understand the significance of flexibility in the hiring process. Moreover, we believe in fostering long-term partnerships to provide a trustworthy and personalized cleaning experience.

They are all trained with The Clean Life methods, which Beckii developed herself, they all have different things they focus on, and enjoy doing! We always have a team leader at every clean, to ensure the skills they have are balanced, and that there are two pairs of eyes to look over everything, ensuring a super thorough and complete cleaning.

This is Beckii Jones, The owner of The Clean Life. 
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We have trialed giving the same cleaners to the same clients. However, consistency was something we noticed that we lacked during this time. It surprised us, as we thought they would be the person who would know the house best. But the reality is that fresh eyes on a home are always going to be the winner!

Flexibility should be your number one consideration when hiring a cleaner. Life is unpredictable, and your regular cleaner may be unable to arrive due to illness, vacation, or may even decide to stop cleaning. This makes it SO hard to have to start all over again with a new cleaner.

If you use a company like the clean life – we keep notes on your home, and you get a full team of cleaners.

In the image indicated the word Trust

The company eliminates the need for rescheduling or going without cleaning services for a lengthy period. Everyone possesses your specific notes, preventing the need for repetition or starting over with someone new. You can trust the company to take care of you, given their established presence and reputation.

So, here’s the deal: when you stick with the same cleaning company over time, you truly establish a bond with their crew, and they become acquainted with you and your space. It’s akin to a friendship! This familiarity fosters trust since you know the cleaners understand your preferences and desired cleaning methods. And let me tell you, having that connection with the cleaning staff can genuinely enhance the entire cleaning process, making it more enjoyable and comfortable. It’s like inviting friends over to spruce up your place! Moreover, it’s exciting to witness the new touches they add with each clean! ❤

We become like your squad, your home team. The company may change cleaners over time, but one thing will remain the same: our relationship and our guarantee to look after you for as long as you need us.

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