Probiotics: Long-lasting Cleans

Since time immemorial, there has only been one way we were taught to deal with viruses, bacteria, etc. and achieve cleanliness – DISINFECTANTS.

…but are they really keeping our homes as clean as we think? 

For many generations, we’ve dealt with bacteria – and other microorganisms we consider a threat to health – in one simple way, with disinfectants, we WIPE THEM OUT and DESTROY them! 

Contrary to popular belief, the surfaces of our homes (or even outside our homes) are not only populated with “bad” bacteria. 

A microbiome exists for all microorganisms! 

Living in the microbiome are both “bad” and “good” bacteria, and these “good” bacteria are essential to maintaining cleanliness.

These “good” bacteria are something that most will be familiar with – they are called PROBIOTICS. 

To those who are not familiar with the term, probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to have health benefits when consumed or applied to the body. 

Yoghurt, kefir or kombucha are good examples of the types of probiotics we consume and contain many health benefits! 

Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that help keep your body healthy and working well. 

This good bacteria helps you in many ways, including fighting off bad bacteria when you have too much of it, helping you feel better again.



When probiotics are applied on a surface, an army of “good” bacteria is released. 

These “good” bacteria eat the food and home of the “bad” bacteria until there is nothing left. 

The “good” bacteria dominate the “bad” bacteria in numbers and consume everything that the “bad” bacteria needs, starving them and ultimately limiting their survivability. They bring balance to the microbiome. 

The best thing about probiotics is that they are naturally sourced, plant-based, and vegan. 

Probiotic cleaning In particular is ideal for people who have sensitive skin, those who do not like the harsh and toxic ingredients found in chemical cleaning products, or for those with existing health conditions that can get aggravated by toxic chemicals.


Aside from being environment-friendly and animal-cruelty-free, the biggest benefit that probiotics have, which you could not get from traditional cleaning products is their long-term effectiveness. 

When the “good” bacteria are applied onto the surface (through spray or other methods), they linger on the surface even after you’ve finished cleaning! 

The “good” bacteria feed on germs and other microorganisms, they multiply, and keep the surfaces clean for a couple of days! In contrast, disinfectants kill off both “bad” and “good” bacteria, making the surfaces susceptible to re-invasion of more “bad” bacteria with no “good” ones to maintain the balance. While traditional cleaning products do indeed kill off “bad” bacteria, researchers have found that surfaces can again become contaminated very soon after cleaning. 

“In about 30-60 minutes after the use of chemical disinfectants, the amount of microbial contamination comes back to the same level detected before the use of chemical cleaning products”, says Elisabetta Caselli, associate professor and chair of clinical microbiology at the University of Ferrara in Italy1

Due to the fact that probiotics are living organisms, these living organisms get into cracks and crevices, munching away and taking up space, giving no room for the “bad” bacteria to thrive. As long as the “good” bacteria have something to feed on, they will continue to survive, thus maintaining the cleanliness of surfaces in your home! This keeps surfaces clean and smelling fresh for longer periods of time, making it safer for your kids and loved ones!

Probiotics are really redefining how we look at cleanliness in our homes. With probiotics, you are not only keeping “bad” bacteria at bay for longer periods of time (helping keep your family safe from illnesses), you are also contributing to the environment by using these naturally sourced and chemical-free products!

Your family is safer and the environment is happier when you use probiotics.

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