The Clean Life: About Hourly Rates


At The Clean Life, no matter what type of clean you book, we charge an hourly rate.
An HOURLY RATE means that you are charged based on the amount of time that our cleaners stay in your home to finish all the tasks that you require.


An hourly rate is a fair system, for the client, the cleaners and the company.
If you are away, but your home just needs a dust, your home will require less work, so we will charge accordingly.
If the cleaners need to leave early for whatever reason, you will only be charged the time spent at your home.
If your home is more built up, or if it requires a bit more of a deeper clean, we have flexibility to complete the whole job to the expected quality level, without having to rush, or miss things.

No matter what the situation – you only pay the cleaners based on the amount of work completed. 


Due to the flexibility of hourly rates, clients often express worry about how open-ended and varied it is. The Clean Life understands this and has ensured there are multiple safeguards in place to protect clients. The Clean Life also ensures that there is sufficient communication and transparency with the clients especially regarding costs and any issues regarding payments are answered with 100% honesty.

Initial Deep Clean Estimate

When clients first reach out to us, we ask a series of questions to ascertain size, currrent condition, and requirements of your home. We will then give an estimate based on the photos and description you have given of your home. We will book this estimated period of time, and if longer is required, we will communicate and request permission.

Regular Cleaning Estimate

After the initial deep clean of a home has been completed, the cleaners will estimate the amount of time it will take regularly to keep your home up to maintenance standard (which is usually less than the initial deep clean estimate).

This new estimate is communicated to admin staff, and will become the basis for ongoing cleaning.

15-minute allowance (for regular cleaning ONLY) 

The cleaners are expected to follow the ongoing cleaning estimate, however, they require flexibility, as from week to week, your home may need more or less cleaning.

This hourly rate keeps things fair and reasonable, and within an expected 30 min time frame/budget. (15 min under, or over.)
The admins will reach out to you if the cleaners need more than 15 minutes, past the estimate to finish everything.

For eg – if your home has been set at 1 hour 15 mins, we would allow the cleaners anywhere between 1 hours -1 hours 30 mins to finish your home. Anything over that would require your permission.

Capped Cleans (NOT recommended) 

If you are working on a budget, we may allow for capped cleans i.e. cleans that are based on a strict time frame (and budget) rather than the amount of work needing to be done.

When we cap a clean at a certain price, it means that we may not get all areas of your house completed, or have to rush over some areas. It leaves us dissatisfied – as we like to have the time to do a really good job and finish the home. We will not promise more than we can deliver (in a reduced time frame), whilst still trying to keep the standard of cleaning high.

Our aim is to always achieve an excellent result – but in our experience,  when we cap an amount, it makes it hard to really show you what can be achieved when your whole home is done to our usual standard.

Expectations are really important in this kind of clean – if you really do have your heart set on just doing a few items  – lets discuss your priorities and what can be reasonably expected during the time we have.

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