Why The Clean Life?

Managing a home is easy…or so many of us think.

We often dismiss household chores as something that doesn’t need that much attention.

We focus our energy on other important things (like taking care of our babies and/or children) — until these small, seemingly irrelevant tasks pile up and are already overdue and needing attention.

This is when regret starts to set in…

We regret not giving it our attention when the tasks were still small and manageable.

Motherhood can be really overwhelming, and it can be hard to navigate life when we have many things that we need to take care of.

It is a mother’s nature to worry, and carry the burden of responsibility – from carrying life in our wombs, to raising and nurturing our children; we are, by design, built to worry – and that is okay.

Worry is what brings us to take action, to look for solutions and to keep our families safe.

One of the constant worries that we experience, is the quality of the home that our loved ones live in. Safety and shelter are our two most basic needs other than food.

Since the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses (and the need to stay at home) we now more than ever want our homes to be the safe haven for our loved ones – both mentally and physically. ❤️

It should be a space of comfort, of peace, and of serenity for the people we care about.

That’s why The Clean Life is here – not to make you less of a mother, but to work with you on the things that most concern you and keep you up at night… so you can be the best for the people that matter to you!

The Clean Life team understand the worries and concerns that families have and we create an individual solution for each home we take care of.

Here are a couple of ways that The Clean Life helps you by taking care of your home!


There are mornings when everyone’s in a rush and are frantically searching for something, but can’t find what they need!

When things take too long to find at home, it becomes an additional source of stress.

We just want things to be where they need to be! 😖

However, when things are disorganized and all over the place, it can really be stressful. 😡

The effects from having a messy home can affect us subconsciously too!

“When you live in a messy home, you are subconsciously reminded of work that needs to be finished and visually, your eyes do not have a place to rest,” says Dr. Rian Rowles, a psychiatrist affiliated with Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

A calm and peaceful home influences the mood of everyone, and can even affect how we all feel throughout the day.

Inversely, visual clutter will inadvertently lead to mental clutter.

Feeling stressed at the beginning of the day is a precursor to a bad day so it’s much better to lessen the sources of stress for everyone in the morning.

No more getting stressed looking for your keys!


Most cleaning companies offer a cookie cutter approach and clean the things they feel comfortable with from their standard list.

Which may leave you with unmet expectations.

The Clean Life admin team will communicate with you from the very first chat, and will ask your priorities and/or what matters to you the most – before we even step foot in your home!

We ask 6-7 questions to really understand what you are looking for and your expectations.

This helps our cleaners to understand that there are things at your home – you may not be ready to have cleaned or organized. Or things that you really want prioritized.

The cleaners will work with you and communicate with you once they arrive, to build rapport and work within your boundaries and comfort levels.

Once they know your priorities, they then proceed to come up with a solution – that works best for your home!

You are always in control and what you want is always the priority. ❤️

Success to us is providing a service that you are raving about and cannot do without.

We are honoured to be invited into your home and we never take our role lightly.

When you ask for our help, you are gifting us the opportunity to help! It makes us feel good to truly connect and be able to help you and your family. ❤️


It’s so frustrating when anyone in the family has allergies/sensitivities from their environment.

We just want to make them feel better and eliminate the cause!❤️

We can’t control too much what happens outside, but inside our homes, there are some things we can do to reduce this from happening!

As cleaners we strive to keep your homes up to standard to ensure dust, dirt, debris and bacteria is kept to a minimum.

Various allergens like dust mites, pollen, dander, etc. will also stay present in a home that is not regularly maintained.

We want mold and allergens to have no space to thrive so we will not have to suffer from allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

How we clean and what we use to clean is equally important!

Toxic cleaning products can contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, headaches and irritation of the nose, throat and eyes.

The Clean Life uses natural products that are environmentally friendly and totally safe for the whole family.

We are super aware that common chemical laden products are not safe, so TCL cleaning methods focus on non-toxic and eco-friendly solutions that are not only safe for your family, but for our cleaners and our environment too!


A study by Princeton University researchers discovered that clutter can make it difficult to focus on a particular task.

Clutter can overwhelm a person’s visual cortex, especially if the mess is unrelated to the task at hand.

To the brain, clutter can often feel like unfinished business, and lack of completeness can be highly stressful for some people.

For obvious reasons, clutter and mess are linked to a variety of negative emotions.
Most commonly confusion, tension, and irritability – whereas neat and organized spaces encourage more positive emotions such as calmness, happiness, and a better sense of well-being.

Organized homes can even make people feel complete and in better control of their lives!

When individuals feel positive about themselves, this helps them have a clearer mind and an increased focus which in turn helps them be more productive.

We want everyone to feel good at home and be at their best all of the time!


When we have too many things on our plate and we want to keep our homes up to standard, a cleaning service is actually the best way to go! When we’ve got to much to do, we tend to multitask our way through everything, clean things in a rush, and we end up missing things and not doing things properly!

Superficial cleaning leads to having to re-clean – when it could have been done more thoroughly the first time.

The cost of cleaning seems to be prohibitive for some people.
But it isn’t necessarily as expensive as it seems to be.

You are paying for the cleaners’

  • Time
  • Experience
  • Methods (of the business which is founded over years of finding the quickest and most efficient ways of cleaning!)
  • Products (researched, tried and eco friendly)
  • Equipment (commercial grade and safety checked!)
  • And reassurance (insurance, police checks, knowing the business are taking care of their staff ethically etc!)

When we stay on top of regular cleaning tasks and keep clutter to a minimum, it’s such a surprise by how much we’re able to save.

  • Having our homes cleaned regularly means:
  • A home that looks and feels clean.
  • Clarity in your life and the day/week running smoothly.
  • Less repurchasing of items as you know where things are!
  • No need for expensive, extra-strong cleaning products to remove dirt and grime that have built up over time.

Additionally, there will be less items in the home to repair/renovate due to being damaged or stained, by dirt and grime.

  • Wood and tile floors will last longer and will preserve its pristine condition for a longer time.
  • Shower grout will last longer.
  • Less blockages in your pipes (as a good cleaning company should clean the grate, and the accessible part of the drains).
  • Appliances will work more efficiently and run for a much longer period of time, which already saves thousands in itself (think of your fridge and microwave!)

These are just some of the many savings you can have when you have a regular cleaning service.

The Clean Life strives to help us women let go of the guilt, and outsource a big part of their to do list, so they have time freedom on their weekend and evenings.

The Clean Life will work with you on finding the best way to keep home-related worries to a minimum.

Keeping our homes up to maintenance standards does not only help our loved ones stay physically healthy but also mentally!

In the long term, keeping your home clean will without a doubt lead to a better, healthier and cleaner life. ❤️

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